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Upright Hardware
Pulley Type
Shim Kit (To ensure a tighter fit on REP and Titan racks)

Introducing the VooDoo Low Pulley by Darko Lifting. This compact, removable low pulley is designed to provide users with the flexibility to perform a range of exercises, as well as serve as a leg holder for lat pulldowns on rack-based cable systems.

Crafted in the USA using a combination of 1/4in and 3/16in steel, the VooDoo Low Pulley is a robust and durable piece of equipment that is built to last. It has been engineered to provide maximum stability and support, ensuring that you can focus on your workout.

The VooDoo Low Pulley is equipped with 7 different positions for the leg holder/footplate, giving users the flexibility to customize their workouts. It is easy to install and remove, making it the perfect addition to any home gym.

Ships in 4-5 weeks


  • Designed, fabricated and assembled in the USA. Some minor parts are sourced internationally.
  • Compatible with most 3x3 power racks with 1in holes. (3x3 5/8 version coming soon.)
  • Black wrinkle powdercoat
  • Plastic liner for upright protection
  • Plastic or aluminum pulley wheel
  • Custom Cable Lengths (we will email after ordering to configure a proper fitting)
  • Custom adjustable footplate with 7 positions (15deg increments)
  • Bracket Height:5.7in
  • Bracket Length: 11.5in (extends 8.5in from the front of upright)
  • Full Length with footplate extended: 17in (extends 14in from the front of upright)
  • Footplate Width: 15.2in
  • Weight: 17lbs

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