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The Barbell Anchor

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Taking barbell storage to a whole new level, The Barbell Anchor is a unique mount designed to maximize storage space and minimize the hassle of moving barbells in and out of your power rack. 

The ability to top mount The Barbell Anchor to your power rack allows you to store your most used barbells, regular and specialty, in your rack but out of the way. 

Sold as a pair.

The Barbell Anchor is assembled by hand in Mission Viejo, CA USA. 

Ships in 2-4 weeks.


  • Designed, fabricated and assembled in the USA.
  • Compatible with most 5/8" and 1" Power racks
  • Black matte powder coat
  • Stores 2 barbells*
  • 0.1875" thick Steel
  • Protective .234" HDPE barbell liner (White HDPE or Black ABS)
  • Mounting bolts are zinc plated
  • Height: 9"
  • Width: 8.3"

Confirmed Compatible Racks:

  • Rogue Monster and Monster Lite
  • REP PR5000 and PR4000
  • Titan X-3 and TITAN Series, T-2 & T-3 (please note in the special instructions if you have one of these racks)
  • Sorinex
  • Bells of Steel Lite Commercial and Hydra Series
  • If you don't see your rack listed, please send us a message.

Always exercise caution when storing or retrieving barbells from The Barbell Anchor. Darko Lifting recommends only using The Barbell Anchor on 6-post racks or racks that are bolted to the ground. 

Darko Lifting is not responsible for any injury caused by improper use of The Barbell Anchor and by purchasing you are agreeing that Darko Lifting is not liable in any way for any personal injury or injury caused by use of The Barbell Anchor.

* Storing 2 barbells is dependent on the size and shape of a barbell and may limit the holder to 1.

Review by Brandon Campbell aka Basement Brandon

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Matt T
Innovative, stylish, and practical!

The Darko Barbell Anchor is awesome - using it on my Rep PR4000 rack to store an EFTS Yoke and Marrs Bar and it works great. The anchor gets two awkward-to-store/move bars out of the way while still being easier than ever to access when needed. Highly recommended!

James C
Barbell anchor is great.

Garage ceiling is too short for vertical storage and I don’t want to drill into the wall. Perfect compromise. Great quality too. Only thing is I wish it came with dark hardware. Will probably replace that to match the rogue rack . I have a monster lite 590c and it fits perfectly above where I squat inside the rack

Gary Jouvelakas
Works Well

The barbell anchor looks great (the red matches my gym theme perfectly) and really helps get my Rogue squat and CB-4 cambered bar up out of the way. Since I use these bars mainly in my squat rack, it makes it really easy to grab these bars from above and place them directly onto the j-cups to workout. No maneuvering the bar in and out of the rack clumsily. I'm very happy with this product.

Barbells finally have their forever home

It seemed like our barbell and rackable EZ curl bar were always in the way sitting in the Jcups or spotter arms, making adjustments take longer and complicating setups. Darko’s anchor is perfect, and keeps them nicely out of the way on our basement 80” REP PR5000. I’m 5’9” and don’t hit my head on the barbells when they’re on the anchor!

It’s nice that you can put them on the inside or outside of the crossmembers, as I found inside the rack provided more clearance for dips using the utility pegs on the safety arm.

Also, they look GREAT, and have a nice quality feel. Appreciate that the design protects the barbell too!

Amazing Storage Option

This thing is simply amazing! Can rack my specialty bars (rackable curl, Marrs, TGrip, Open Trap) without messing with my wall space! Also, the SS is pure GAS!! Thank you Darko!